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                                         At a few kilometers of Barcelona, ranging from
                                         litoral hills to the sea, there is what we know as the
                                         Maresme coast. Long sandy beaches, atractive.

                                         towns and great turist places. What makes
                                         this area so enjoyable is the great weather , the
                                         mediterranean sea, the beautiful hills and
                                         mountains and it┤s geographic situation.


 In the  Maresme besides it┤s agriculture, mainly vinyards,

 the flower and vegetable growth, we should also mention

an important textile industry.


The fishing industry it is mainly concentrared in

Areyns de Mar, the forth biggist port of Catalu˝a.

The big turist attraction center and residential

areas are well equiped with excelent hotels,

restaurants, camping, leisure places, and all kinds

of instalations for sports.


Tourism is the  main source of income in the

region, and it offers to all of those who want to

visit, quality and firts class service. 





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