Why The Valley of └ger?

Because the lovers of  art and  the architecture can be found in the surroundings of our promotion Fontdepou a great variety of exponents of their rich history of the past.

Roman bridge of camarassa



Churches, monasteries and colegiatas. Paintings, altarpieces and sculptures. Crypts and castles, the district offers the proprietors of the urbanization Fontdepou representative samples of the pure romanic style , Muslim and  of the best Gothic Catalan..

            Gothic convent of Sant DomÚnech, in Balaguer 

The districts of Lleida possess an important conjoint   rupestrian painting declared Patrimony in the year 1998. Of the 16 deposits of the demarcation, good part of them are located in the district of The Noguera, for example the Cave of The Vilassos  in Os of Balaguer,  Cave of  Tabac, to mention some, both only a few Km. of the Promotion Fontdepou Prepirineo





 Because to invest in the promotion Fontdepou is to invest in well-being and tranquillity.

Romanic Church of sant pere, in Ponts


Well-being because you will be surrounded by quietness that  provides a house in The Valley of └ger at the same time you can enjoye the millenioum  history of our valley, as well as its their numerous monuments that you will find in each step. .

Monastery of Sta. MarÝa of Bellpuig of Avellanedes 


Tranquility. Because you will see your investment  will increase day by day, because there are already very few natural places in the world where one can invest. Because The Valley of └ger is a  solid value.